About Us|

Advaita is an information technology consulting firm based in Bangalore. We got involved into IT industry in 2009 and managed to collect a wide range of innovative ideas through our tremendous talent pool and market research.
As we are in this business field since many years, we understand the market sentiments and requirements of our customers. We are capable of handling our entire company process efficiently and effectively through our enormous dedication and leadership quality.
Advaita enables its client’s business growth through the definition, design and global delivery of IT solutions that focus on creating value and improving competitive positioning.

Mission & Vision

To be an admired, socially conscious company which is an expert in web-designing and offers a trusted software product following the principles and ethics of the company.


Advaita stands firm on its policies and principles. The entire process runs smoothly due to the morals, principles, values of the company, strong determination and hard work of each employee.
Advaita is totally dedicated to customer needs and interests and provides service with full transparency. The ultimate motive of our company is ‘customer satisfaction’ which is achieved by immediate interaction with the customers and taking best care of their interests by providing quality service.

What we think?
  • Provide world-class quality service.
  • Develop long-term strategic partnering relationships with innovative organizations.
  • Deliver global solutions.
  • Providing staffing service needs for our customers.
  • Maintain financial strength through strategic growth.
  • To spread the company’s branches in India as well as internationally by stepping towards perfection.